Hot Alarm Clock Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2022

Hot Alarm Clock Crack is flexible and fully customizable software. You can set an alarm every day. Or you can set multiple complex alarms that wake up on specific days of the week, calendar days, week, or month. This alarm clock app can play your favorite music or online radio station. Use constant or increased alarm volume. Open your favorite apps and open websites when you wake up. It also saves power by automatically waking up your computer and waking it up when needed.

Hot Alarm Clock Crack has several clocks to show the time in different time zones. Various birthday notifications to know your friends’ birthdays everyone in advance Or congratulate your loved ones with your favorite song. A hot alarm clock can wake you up or listen to your favorite music with themes. MP3/WAV/OGG/AIFF Your choice of live internet radio station The volume alarm will gradually Increase the volume to make it easier for you to wake up.

Hot Alarm Clock Serial Key

Hot Alarm Clock Download is ideal for people who want to focus on their organization or how they spend their day. The app has seven different tabs. Each tab provides access to a different set of tools and options. For example, in the Alarms tab, you can set new alarms. label add a description Assign to a specific group (depending on daily tasks You have to organize) and set the alarm frequency. Alarms can also be color, icon, duration, etc.

Hot Alarm Clock Free Download has a full range of time-related options and functions. It’s not just a watch face or an alarm/alarm. It’s a great way to help you organize your calendar. Set up future events or specify the date of birth of your loved one colleague or business associate so that you don’t miss important tasks for other warnings that you set You can also add specific reminders. Wake the computer from sleep mode. Increase computer brightness, open certain URLs, and automatically start your computer programs. (with input parameters), lock desktop, start, set time, enable unique key combination (key binding), send desired email, etc.

Hot Alarm Clock Free Download

Hot Alarm Clock Free Key manages all your tasks including a unique desktop organizer and tracker. and add functionality to your to-do list. above all, You can also import or export XML data. That way, you can later use this data in reports or download it to other attendance or performance analyzers. It can play your favorite songs or let you use your favorite online radio station. Set or increase the alarm volume. Open your favorite app and open the website when you wake up It also saves power by automatically waking up your computer and waking it up when needed.

Hot Alarm Clock Full Crack is accessible through a customizable and very easy-to-use ribbon interface. at the top of the feed, The app includes links to the features it offers. It also lists the buttons on the left side so you can easily access all the features and functions. You can use the ribbon customization options to change the look of the app, hide the ribbon and choose from a variety of skins. You can do a lot with the sweltering Alarm clock. You can set an alarm and specify what happens when the alarm sounds. You can place a floating clock on your desktop and choose different skins. for this watch, You can access stopwatches and stopwatches. You can set up to-do lists and birthday lists. Finally, you can set reminders and view your calendar. You can do all of this for free with a 30-day trial. You need a license to continue using Hot Alarm Clock.


  • wake up to your favorite song
  • Wake up to your favorite song! Compatible with MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, AIFF, and FLAC formats, Hot Alarm Clock can play solo or some of the best songs in your collection.
    Turn up the volume, turn on the alarm.
  • No matter what your computer’s current settings are. The computer’s wake automatically adjusts the volume before the song plays. The alarm will start playing bad music as the volume increases. and if you don’t wake up The volume will gradually increase.
    internet radio Turn your computer into a clock radio.
  • Your PC can be a clock radio! Set a hot alarm to wake you up by listening to online radio stations. It would be the perfect alarm clock. more information
    Alarm clock Advanced alarm settings
  • No matter how challenging your schedule may be. Hot Alarm Clock will give you everything you need to keep track of your time. You can set a single or repeated alarm. or use any set of dates and times With so many different settings, you can be sure you can set the right alarm for your needs.
    each other
  • Heat alerts let you set a countdown period. including month or year You can also create timing chains as follows: Exercise 1, Interval, Exercise 2, etc. The built-in metronome will notify you when the countdown is about to end. more information
  • A stopwatch is used to keep track of time and can be used for exercise. sporting events, cooking, etc. You can change the size of the time display and set the precision to fractions of a second. more information
    to-do list to-do list
  • A to-do list is a list of important tasks that you need to complete. Keeping a to-do list helps you keep all your tasks in one place. You won’t forget important things. when prioritizing tasks Plan the order in which the work will be completed. So you know what needs immediate attention and what could be delayed.
    customizable interface
  • With 32 skins included for hot alarm, main window, timer, countdown timer. And the alarm clock will be as beautiful or colorful as you want.
    intermittent labor signs
  • Do you turn off your computer at night? The doorbell can wake your computer from sleep mode before the alarm goes off. It can wake you up, launch apps, or open your favorite websites. You can also restart your computer automatically! more information
    world time world time
  • Hotspot notifications let you view the time in other cities. This can be done by setting up an additional clock that shows the time in a different time zone. If you carry your laptop with you Changing the current time zone once will automatically update the local time.



  • Managing temperature alerts requires little time and effort.
  • The application has a customizable ribbon interface.
  • Warm alarm clock functions include Alarm, Reminder, Stopwatch, Clock, Stopwatch, To Do, Birthday, Calendar.


  • Free to use during the 30-day trial period.

What’s New in Hot Alarm Clock

  • Restored the ability to enter words such as “today” and “tomorrow” in the “start date” field of the “alarm” dialog. List of all valid words: today, tomorrow, yesterday, uh, Monday.. .Sunday, the first, the second, the seventh
  • Added the ability to follow hyperlinks in the reminder window grid.
  • The behavior of enabled checkboxes for alarms and timers has changed. When you edit an alarm or timer The checkbox is always selected. But you can deselect it and click OK.
  • List of icons deleted after editing
  • The indicator color on the ribbon has been adjusted for the dark side.
  • Added a check for the possibility of creating temporary files.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements
  • Added “Expiration Date” information to the reminder window.
  • Fixed an issue with setting custom window styles.
  • Fixed a bug when importing the free version when the program was first launched.
  • Fixed using OpenSSL library when sending emails.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM is required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1.4 GHz or higher

    How to install

    • Download the file from the link below.
    • install on your device
    • Follow the installation steps
    • Click Finish to complete the installation process.
    • Software available


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